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Kingfishers, Newts, Owls & Worms ….

Having so many cameras at Yew View means that we often capture really interesting behaviour… behaviour that is probably rarely seen, let alone photographed or filmed. The cameras give us a unique insight into the private (or not!) lives of lots of different species.

A part from the amazing otter footage I blogged about over the weekend, we also captured some other great footage this week and I have only just got around to uploading it!

First was at the Kingfisher post.  Both the male and the female have been around for the last week or so and hunting has been pretty successful as there is  a lot of life in the pond at the moment. I capture lots of hunting footage and we have videos of the kingfishers catching back-swimmers, fish, nymphs and even a water stick insect. This week we added another species to the list….. a newt!

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 21.46.28

This clip shows that the newt is a bit of a challenge… the kingfisher brings its prey onto the camera at the end and you can hear it banging it against the camera! Watch the clip in HD!

Whilst watching some great clips from the feeding station, I captured two other interesting bits of footage. This first one show the Tawny hunting for worms… a series of clips recorded over a couple of nights..

At the same feeding station, we often get badger and fox feeding together, with the badgers always being the boss! This clip shows the fox standing up to the badger…. but to no avail!

Not only are our tawnies feeding on worms, but also hunting at the pond. I love this clip where the tawny appears like a ghost out of the dark…

I know they hunt for frogs… but do they actually go into the water for them? Watch this clip right to the end…. and put the volume up… what do you reckon?

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 21.46.18

Finally, we are still getting some lovely harvest mouse clips, although the rats are becoming a bit of a pain on there… this picture shows a young rat.. about half the size of an adult, for size comparison.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 21.46.06

I have not quite got the sound settings quite right on these yet..

oh…. and the badgers are still popping in and out of the sett… sometimes when they are very wet and muddy!!

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 21.46.36


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