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Kestrel Nest Box Update

I have been monitoring my kestrel nest boxes over the last few days…. hoping every day to see a sign that a raptor may be interested.  At the moment, I have had a couple of visitors… not of the raptor kind! Kestrel box 1 had a stock dove nesting in it last year… and it looks like it is back for a second season! I captured these images on i-catcher this morning… they are only small as I had 4 cameras being monitored….

This weekend, I am going to adjust the camera position a little, so I can see inside the nest box a little more.

I am also going to need to do some more adjustments to my new kestrel box camera. This camera is fixed actually on the nestbox, giving a much more intimate view of the interior. Unfortunately, the IR is proving too strong and I am going to need to go up and tape some of them over.

 Also, for some reason the camera seemed to steam up a little…. but you can see my great tit having a look around! I think it fancies moving up in the world and having a little more space for the family!


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