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Kestrel Box Ash Tree falls in high winds

I had been hoping to get my second kestrel box up last weekend, but the high winds meant that it was too dangerous to climb up in to the Ash tree that I had placed the bracket some months ago. The tree is in a direct line from my office window. This was a picture I took last spring. You can see the tree in the corner of the field.

On Monday, I returned from work to find that the whole tree had fallen, leaving only about 6 foot of trunk … I was astounded. The winds have been very high here and the tree was in an isolated position (which made it perfect for my kestrel box!) I was glad I had not actually put the nest box and camera system up.

This is the view I was left with…

Today, on returning from work, I went over to have a closer look and was amazed at what I found…. the tree was virtually hollow…. completely rotting from the inside! No wonder it had fallen. I am not sure what had caused this internal damge, but this tree must have been a couple of hundred years old  and it is very sad to see it strewn across the field.

Here are some more shots I took…. now I have a dilemma… where do I put my 2nd kestrel box?????

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