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Keeping up with the newest member of the WildlifeKate Team!

We have now had little Wren for whole week and she has settled in amazingly well. Full of beans and mischief, she is a typical collie pup, but she is a lovely nature and have captivated all those she has met this week! A packed week of school, YewView, walks and new places, she has taken everything in her stride! She can now sit on command, wait before she has a meal, ‘give’ up a toy on command and come when she is called…. not bad for the first week!

She is also very photogenic, so my daughter and I decided to set up an Instagram account where we could upload our images and create a story of pictures documenting her life. We can then have it printed as a photo book when she is a year old!

You can check it out HERE 

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 21.39.16

This little girl will become a big part of my life in the future and has already made a big impression! We have so much to look forward to together!


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