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July mothing and a hawk moth beauty

Rob, at SilverTrees has regularly been running his moth trap and recording all the visitors. I have been so busy, I have not had the chance to pop up again for a few weeks.  When he said he was starting to have hawk moths visit, I was keen to get up there with my mini macro studio and have a mother go at photographing some different species. A text telling me of his success sent me packing the car and heading up there in the morning sunshine!

This time of the year is great for nothing and, with such a wonderful site, Rob always catches some beauties. This time he had caught quite a few species that I had not photographed before. Using my little hand-made foam board studio and my flash gun firing up into the roof of it, I carefully positioned the moths into the studio so I could grab a few shots before they warmed up and headed for freedom! We had a few that were off before I had the chance to photograph them, but these guys hung around long enough for a decent shot.   I am beginning to learn some names, but it is great having an expert like Rob around…

August Thorn-7876

August Thorn

Bird Cherry Ermine-7833

Bird Cherry Ermine

Black Arches-7849

Black Arches

Coxcomb Prominent-7797

Coxcomb Prominent



Ear Moth-7846

Ear Moth

Early Thorn-7868

Early Thorn

Grey Dagger-7936

Grey Dagger

hawthorn Shield Bug-7834

Not a moth!!!! Hawthorn Shield Big

Northern Eggar-7802

Northern Eggar

Northern Eggar-7808

Northern Eggar

Northern Eggar-7815

Northern Eggar

Northern Eggar-7822

Northern Eggar

Peppered Moth-7866

Peppered Moth

Swallow Prominent-7902

Swallow Prominent

Lesser Swallow Prominent-7904

Lesser Swallow Prominent-

The highlight for me, though was this spectacular Poplar Hawk Moth…. they are simply stunning and a lovely moth to photograph as they are pretty happy to sit still! It is only when you look at the macro hots that you can appreciate the beauty of these insects and notice things that you simply can’t see with the naked eye. I am hoping that Rob catches some other hawkmoth species for me to photograph soon!! 

Poplar Hawk Moth-7940


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