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January Snow Deluge!

I know the forecast said it was going to snow heavily… but I don’t think I have seen this much fall in such a short time for as long as I can remember!

From a thin coating when I awoke this morning, it snowed constantly and by midday, there was a good 25 cm! 

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With the feeders all filled and all the cameras showing up in my office, it has been almost impossible to get any work done, as I have been completely distracted by the huge number of visitors today! 

Today, I have seen the following in the garden:

Chaffinch, goldfinch, bullfinch, greenfinch, blue tit, great tit, coal tit, long tailed tit, blackbird, robin, magpie, dunnock, wood pigeon, great spotted woodpecker, goldcrest, house sparrow, nuthatch and a rat!

I set the laptop up to record some footage from the hub feeders as the bullfinches look quite spectacular in the snow! This video shows a couple of minutes of activity on these feeders today….

Later in the day, my rat family appeared… they look great with snow on their whiskers!!


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