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Jackdaws taking over!

A pair of jackdaws have been showing an increasing interest in the kestrel box I have mounted in an oak tree in my garden. This is at the opposite end of the garden to the barn kestrel box. One of the jackdaws is pretty distinctive as it has a very prominent limp. Today, despite the high winds, they have spent most of the day at the box. They have been removing materials from the nest box and bringing in new materials. They also seem to be carrying pebbles around?

I can’t help but like these birds! They are such characters and very animated and good to watch. I think this pair will offer some great live viewing on my cameras over the coming months if they choose to nest here.

I am uploading a video right now, but until then, here are a couple of screen shots. As you can see, the stock  is still interested in the nest box as well!


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