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I set up the two Bushnells!

So, I am now the lucky owner of two Bushnells! Despite the dismal weather, I traipsed across the sodden, waterlogged fields to set them both up in the copse. I had decided to set one camera up on the badger trail that I had captured on the Bushnell a few weeks ago. I had also identified a possible deer entry point into the copse from the surrounding fields. I decided to set up the new Bushnell there. Armed with some peanuts for bait and an iPod touch, I was ready!

The iPod Touch is a relatively new purchase following a course through school. I am looking into the educational potential of the 4th generation iPod Touches in school. I could immediately see the wildlife potential of these fantastic gadgets and I will be using it more in the coming months and reporting on my findings.

Today, I used it to video where I had set the cameras up. It is a tiny hand-held device that is easily popped into the pocket. I think the video capabilities are amazing… 

Here is a movie showing my Bushnell set up. I will return on Monday or Tuesday and retrieve the cameras…… keep your fingers crossed for some good footage!


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