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I set up a possible fox den camera….

I collected my Bushnells this morning… a few rabbits on one, but the hole that is closest to my house had quite a few captures (stills) f a fox. It was difficult to tell if the fox is actually coming out or going in as it had captured stills rather than video and I had not put  filter over the IR, so they were a bit blown out.

I felt there was a good enough indication for me to run a cable, which was already in that area, all along the hedgeline, as I had calculated that it was just long enough. I got absolutely scratched t pieces as the hedgerow is full of really vicious brambles, but I persevered and managed to run the cable to a CCTV cam that I usually have on my oak tree nest box.

I have mounted the camera up slightly in the hedge, pointing down at the den entrance. The IR is a little strong tonight, so it will need a little more masking tomorrow, but hopefully it may capture some footage. I am live streaming it on my night cameras and over the next few nights, I will put this cam on i-catcher (motion detection software) to try to determine if this is, indeed a possible den. I really hope so!

This is the length of hedgerow I ran the cable along…..

…. and here is the camera in situ, facing the den. Keep an eye out on the live cam and let me know if you see anything….


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