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I see all 5 foxes!

I just stood at the window to see if the foxes had appeared…. been quite slow tonight with Fern and Tess appearing over the far side but not really venturing close. It is now ten o’clock and I spotted  Fern suckling two of the cubs. I was watching with the binoculars when Flynn appeared out of the hedge, promptly followed by the third cub. There was much excitement with them all tail wagging and licking each other in greeting! Then the two larger cubs raced around, Fern trotted into the hedge and the cubs followed…. all over in a few seconds, but I am really glad to have seen it as that is the first time I have actually seen all five of them together at one time. Now I know for sure there are the 3 cubs…. just need to be able to identify them and be able to tell the two larger ones apart.


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