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I open the Nottingham Uni MSc Exhibition

Some months ago now, I was invited to do a talk to the MSc students at Nottingham University who were undertaking an MSc in Biological Photography and Imaging. I had a lovely afternoon, telling the students all about the work I do and how I use a range of imagery in to explain and illustrate my work.

I was delighted to then receive an email inviting me to be the Guest of Honour, opening their final exhibition in The Surface Gallery in Nottingham. The students had voted for me and , of course, I was delighted to oblige!

All the students were exhibiting a selection of their photography projects and they were a wonderful collection of images, depicting all sorts of subjects from macro, to abstract and of all sorts of flora and fauna.  I did a small speech, officially opened the exhibition, which runs until the 3rd June.

I had a lovely evening, chatting to the students, as well as a couple of other familiar faces; past student of this course Alex Hyde and Jack Perks, who has been a guest lecturer.

I wish all the student the very best in their future careers… from what I could see of their work, they all have rosy futures and I look forward to hearing about their adventures in wildlife imagery!


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