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I’m invited to the European Bushnell Press Event in France!

I have had a very exciting day today! First capturing badger footage on my own patch and then getting a call from Bushnell UK, inviting me to take part in their press event, to be held at Chateau de Chambord in France. This large event is held to promote the Bushnell products to the European market and I will be setting up my cams in the huge estate, which boasts an impressive 700 stags, 600 wild boars, 100 red deer to mention but a few! Included in the 3 day event is a hot air balloon ride over the estate… a chance to try out the Bushnell binoculars….

My heart was racing when I googled the Chambord Estate……

The National Estate of Chambord comprises of a dense forest enclosed by a 32km long wall, the size of inner Paris. It is the largest enclosed forest-park in Europe, measuring over 5,500 hectares.The wall was built between 1542 and 1642 in order to keep the game within the limits of the enclosed forest for the benefit of the royal hunts. There are six entrances to the estate of Chambord; five of  them are used for car traffic.

 The forest has been listed as a National Hunting and Wild Game Reserve since 1947 and is representative of the Sologne flora and fauna. The Estate’s flora is mostly made up of pine and oak, but also includes chestnut, birch, elm and willow. The Chambord Estate is home to over 650 spontaneous species of plant life, including 150 exceptional varieties.

 A wide variety of animals live on the estate: 700 stags, 600 wild boars, 100 red deer, and … 40 Corsican sheep!

… and just take a look at this place!….

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