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I identify at least 6 foxes visiting!

Watching my foxes on a daily basis, I have been trying to identify individuals. I thought I had at least 4 visiting, but a close look at recent footage, particularly over this last few week of snowy weather, has revealed at least 6 visiting. I am surprised to find this many coming on a regular basis. I think 2 of these are dogs and four are vixens.

I have given them names to try to make it easier for me to learn to recognise them and their patterns and visits.

For those who regularly watch my live cameras, keep an eye out each evening as we have visitors all evening. Hopefully these images and descriptions will help you spot individual foxes.


  1. Dog fox

  2. Usually first to visit in an evening

  3. Large, stock build with broad head and snout

  4. Black marking half way up front legs

  5. Clear black markings on hind legs


  1. Vixen

  2. Skittle shape black markings on hind legs

  3. Black, triangular marking on muzzle

  4. Darker hairs on lower neck & shoulder

  5. No white on tail


  1. Vixen

  2. Small fox with narrow, pointed face

  3. Clear Triangular marking on muzzle

  4. Black marking half way up front legs

  5. Darker hairs on chest

  6. Very little black on hind legs

  7. White, tufty tip to tail


  1. Dog fox?

  2. Very long, narrow muzzle

  3. Long black socks at front, thinning the shoulder

  4. Short black socks on back legs

  5. No white on tail


  1. Vixen

  2. Long black ‘stockings’ on front legs

  3. Short black socks on back legs, with slight mark above

  4. White, tufty tip on tail

  5. Often quite nervy

  1. Dot

  2. Vixen

  3. Black dot above short black socks on rear legs

  4. Small black socks on front legs

  5. No white on tail, tipped black

  6. Short and stocky with short triangular face

I think 3 of the vixens are pregnant, so I hope to be filming cubs visiting around the middle of May, depending on how close they are denning to my feeding station. Exciting times!


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