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I entered a competition to win a luxury Zambian Safari

One of the photographers I follow is Will Burrard-Lucus… you may have seen his amazing photography work with his ‘beetle-cam’… a camera mounted inside a remote buggy! Take a look at his website HERE if you want to see more of Will’s work.

When I saw this competition appear on Will’s website, I decided to enter….

I had completely forgotten about it…. until tonight when I received an email from Will, saying that I had WON!

Yes, still in shock trying to take in the fact that could have actually won my dream holiday…. all I would have to do is pay for the flight out there…. everything else included. Can it really be as amazing as it seems???

Just check out the company’s website by clicking the image below…

My mind is just buzzing at the moment…. Will said he would email me again tomorrow with some more details….. I am in total shock and denial .. surely I could not really be even contemplating going on a trip like this… would be a complete once-in-a-lifetime, dream-come-true experience! I better get saving for that return flight to Lusaka!


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