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I can’t believe it!

I cannot believe that I am going to miss these chicks fledging! I am going away for a few days over the bank holiday and despite it looking promising this morning, they are all still in there tonight! On severeal occasions, the largest chicks, climbed up and looked out the entrance hole… I was poised with my camera at the ready, but then they went back into the nest box. I really cannot believe they will still be in there on Monday when I return. I will leave i-catcher running, but the old PC it is on can be a bit unreliable and knowing my luck, it will crash on Saturday and I won’t have any footage of them finally leaving! I cannot believe that the one weekend I have chosen to go away is the weekend they are going to leave. Oh well, let’s hope I catch it on i-catcher and can at least have a few screen shots of them leaving. Maybe they will hang around the area for a few days and I will be able to photograph them on my return… I hope so. Here are a few screen shots from today. Tried to find an image with all 7 in, but the base of the nest is just out of view and that is where one keeps hiding… one shot shows six of them.

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