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‘How to make a Wild Flower Meadow’ – my contribution to a new book

Yesterday, I received a copy of a book I had contributed to, after I took a journey into creating a wild flower meadow in my garden. I have since installed two more wild flower meadows, using wild flower turf and simply love the wonderful wildlife habitat they produce and the visual impact they create.


This authoritative new book is written by James Hewetson-Brown, who was an arable farmer before he started experimenting with wild flower meadows, determined to find an approach that would work for a range of sites and conditions. Immensely practical and based on many years of experience, the subheading says it all – Tried-and-tested techniques for new garden landscapes. James  really knows what he is talking about and describes it simply and clearly, with lots of examples.

I was delighted to find I have 4 pages in this book, where my garden is a case study, along with 31 other case studies, covering all sorts of conditions, settings and locations.



Meadows provide valuable habitats for wildlife and its now possible  to plant one and have it flowering and looking spectacular in the same season… as I have done both here at home and at Yew View. From tiny strips of domestic gardens, to large public spaces, the case studies show what is achievable and  will fill you with ideas and inspiration.

If you have ever thought about creating a wild flower meadow, I throughly recommend this book. Well designed and  clearly laid out, the book is full of amazing photographs showing what is possible. With its cutting edge techniques, it is practical as well as inspiring, an invaluable manual whatever the size of your project.

How to Make a Wildflower Meadow: Tried-and-tested techniques for new garden landscapes’ by James Hewetson-Brown, is in hardback at  £20 ISBN: 978-0-9933892-3-8 and is published by Filbert Press.


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