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Hedgehog….squirrel….bank vole….mouse…… but no badgers

Another badger free night on ‘badger’ cam! Plenty of visitors taking advantage of the peanut feast though… hedgehogs, squirrel, plus constant vole and mice visitors all night, not to mention the birds! I am still convinced that they have been in at some point, but maybe there are more lucrative hunting grounds elsewhere since we have had rain and the ground has softened somewhat. I am going to persevere though!

Fern visited quite early this evening and I was relieved to see that she is no longer limping. I also saw Tess just as the last of the light was fading, but she is very nervous and bolts at the slightest movement. She is fairly easy to recognise as she has a very pointed face, is pale and has virtually no black markings on her legs. I am not sure which of the other two cubs I am seeing now. I think it is Marvin, as he is a little wary, yet Bill was much bolder. They have all grown so much now though… it is really difficult unless they are out together.


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