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Hedgehog duo and pigeon squabs!

I was watching the night camera last night, waiting for my hedgehog to appear. I have been wondering if I may have more than one, but difficult to tell on the IR camera…. then just as one started munching on the evening’s offerings … another appeared! At least now I know I have at least two…. may be a pair?

Two of the fox cubs fed right next to the hedgehog again…. often trying to take the food that the hedgehog is eating!…..

Now for pigeon news. My pigeon seems to have hatched her eggs, but her chicks are difficult to see from the camera. They actually show up better when the IR is on, at night. The female is chasing the magpies who come to feed from the fox  food, which is quite funny to watch! As soon as she chases one off, another two appear in their place. In an open nest box like that I suppose her chicks are pretty vulnerable.

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