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Happier nest box news

After the sad news in the Discovery nest box, I felt we needed a lift, with news of the other nest boxes.

The side view nest box great tits are raising three chicks…. I think…! The large lip in the nest means it has been difficult to see these chicks, but they are starting to peep above now and there are definitely three at least. Feeding by both parents seems to be good.

The Plum tree nest box has ten chicks, although they are very difficult to count as it is pretty packed in there! The parents are in and out regularly and the chicks are growing fast. I am attempting to take a shot and video every day of this family, if I can and the images are posted on my website.

The oak tree nest box blue tit is sitting on seven eggs and hopefully these will hatch next week.

My hedgehogs are regular visitors now, so if you want to see them, they tend to be on my cameras between 9.30-10.30pm. The wood mice visit the mouse cam box every evening as well and there were three in there a couple of nights ago!

The foxes are also appearing in daylight now and I have managed to get a few nice shots of Fern in the last of the light. I also managed a bit of footage on my Bushnells.

The first fox you see in this clip is Tess, last year’s tiny cub. The later ones are Fern, the vixen who is feeding cubs at the moment by the look of her.


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