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Guttering Camera Protection

As you know, I am always moving my cams around in the garden. Most of my cams are nest box ones, so designed to be somewhat protected from the elements. Thus, if you are putting them outside on a bird feeder, then they need to be protected from the rain. I have used all sorts of methods… usually involving a recycled plastic container, cut and moulded for the cam to sit inside. The ScrewFix catalogue came up trumps today as I used a rainwater guttering socket at £1.79. It is just the right diameter to mount a cam inside and easy to drill a small hole in through which to put the bolt to hold the cam in place…..

 I also drilled a small hole in the base so I could screw it securely on a surface. I have placed this camera facing the Nature’s Feast Donut Fat Ball Feeder and a Wilkinson’s Fat Bar. The male woodpecker has been on these and so have the long-tailed tits, so I am hoping my viewers will be able to catch a glimpse on my live streams…. keep a watch out for them!


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