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‘Grow’ your own apple tree!

With even more snow falling over night, it really was a wintery scene this morning and, once again, the birds were hungry and waiting for me to fill up the feeders.  With some old apples in the fruit bowl, I found a branch and cable tied the apples onto it as I could not spear them very well. The cable ties pushed easily into the apple and then I could attach them anywhere I wanted. A few weeks ago I had seen some redwing in the field – it would be nice to try to attract them or some fieldfares. I also attached a fat feeder in a half coconut and then cable tied the brach on top of the hedge, so I could see it from my office and photograph any interesting visitors from the comfort of my office as it was bitter out there!

Within a couple of minutes the blue tits were checking it out and it was mainly them who used it all day, with a few great tits and robins as well. The blackbirds were a little wary, but may be they will take a closer look over the coming days.

No award-winning shots, but the birds enjoyed it!

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