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Grand Opening 29th October!

I am planning to make my WildlifeKate Shop live tomorrow! It has been a very steep learning curve over the few weeks, getting to grips with how to use a new piece of software and setting up my shop with two great  distributors whose kit I have been using in the garden with a lot of success! I am hoping to be adding new products over the next year … all it that you can see in action in my patch. 

I am hoping it will all run smoothly and I will be welcoming any comments about the store or about products that you would like me to see if I can sell. I will only be selling the kit that I actually like and use, so you can be confident in what you buy and be able to see it in action on live streams and in reviews on my website.

There are an overwhelming amount of wildlife products on the market and sometimes it is good to know that it actually does what it is meant to do. We have all bought kit or products that we have been disappointed in.  Combined with the companies who are supporting me, we should also be able to offer exceptional customer support…. helping you get the most out of anything you buy from us.

I look forward to finally getting it live tomorrow and giving you the chance to browse…. won’t take long as only nine products at the  moment

I will be adding some of my own products to the store in the near future… WildlifeKate guides and kit very much aimed at the young naturalists in our midst… so watch this space!


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