Glorious Glenshee….plus my first view of snow bunting!

Today, we left quite early and headed up to Glenshee. It is somewhere I had never been before and the slopes above the ski centre can be good for a variety of species, including mountain hare, grouse, ptarmigan and the snow bunting, which I have been keen to try to see whilst here in Scotland.

The drive there was spectacular, even though much of the snow has now melted. Looking at the roads, I think it would have been a more scary drive up there even just a week ago when the snow was really deep.

With the clouds clearing and blue skies, we climbed up the hillside next to the car park . It was mighty slippery, with the remaining snow now frozen and icy. The wind was absolutely bitter, so we headed to below a ridge to be protected a little. The views were simply breathtaking from there. Huddled out of the wind, we watched a number of mountain hare on the slopes below us and listened to the red grouse calling…. just incredible!

We then headed up a little higher still. What a wonderful vista of such a wild and rugged landscape here in the UK… and so many people will have never ventured to this part of our country to enjoy such wonderful views!