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Getting ready for a Mammal Christmas!

This week, I redecorated the sitting room, ready for Christmas…. not the average sitting room though… my Mammal Box sitting room! I designed my mammal Box HD so I could insert different ‘sets’ that the mammals can interact with and last year, I built this sitting room with the lovely Tina from a local Doll’s House Society.


You can find out more about my Mammal Boxes from this link.

The trouble is, mice and voles are messy and they soon wreck my mini scenes. I spent an evening replacing the floor covering in this sitting room and adding some small pieces I bought from a doll’s house website, to create a mini scene that the mammals would explore and feed from.

There have to be places to dispense food in the room. This magazine rack / table is adapted so it can hold food int the bottom and treat in the bowl on top….


The waste paper basket can be filled with food as well. The clever part is that chimney breast is hollow and can be filled with seed. It spills out into the grate at the bottom and means I don’t have to be filling these containers several times a day!


It is great fun making these and always exciting when the mammals first come in!


Here is a clip from last year’s Christmas set up….

This set will go into my mammal box later in the week and will be live streaming on my website… so watch out for it!


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