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Garden Camera set up!

I have set up and focused my garden camera ready to see if I can catch some night time footage of any visitors. Trouble is, I can only monitor one camera at a time with i-catcher at the moment, so will have to alternate nights with the kestrel  box. I have placed a bowl in clear view of the camera and plan on putting some dog or cat food in there to see if the foxes will come. Will probably just get images of the local cats coming for a snack! We’ll have to wait and see.

Here’s a test screen shot…. with my feet as well! Notice the ‘debris’ on the ground… farmer has just cut all the hedges today with the tractor. Looks great, but splatters deadly blackthorn splinters far and wide.

I know we get foxes in the garden at night… have heard them and have smelt their presence! Also they have attempted to dig into my chicken run a few times, so maybe they would welcome some extra food.  I have also found an ‘hole’ along a hedgerow in the field next to the house that I think could be an earth. I may monitor that to see if it is.


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