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Further experimenting with Bushnell

My foxes are excellent subjects on which to practise getting the setting right on the Bushnell. I have been having trouble with the IR LEDs being too powerful for animals that come within a few metres of the camera. I had tried taping over some LEDs before, but the camera did not video. I tried again last night, putting some stickers over 8 of the 32 LEDs. I set the camera up behind my live camera.

The foxes are arriving from about 4.30pm onwards and I was hoping to get some footage before it got completely dark, but they did not come until later. I retrieved the camera after a few hours and was pleased to see that the camera had successfully filmed and that the light levels were a bit better… less ‘burn-out’ in the centre, especially as there is still snow on the ground that had reflected some of the light previously.

Much of this footage is of Fern & Flynn. The single fox you see is one of the cubs. Flynn will only tolerate Fern feeding with him. He chases off any of the cubs.


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