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Frosted Red Grouse……

We have been incredibly lucky with the weather whilst up here in Scotland. The last two mornings have dawned bright and frosty, with temperatures hovering around the -4 mark. With Lochindorb so close to where we are staying, we have taken advantage of the lovely early light and spent a couple of hours, at sunrise, driving around the Loch, photographing the red grouse.

The males are looking stunning with their bright red wattles and the cold air was full of their lovely bubbling calls as their woo the females.

The heather was heavily frosted, particularly on Wednesday morning, and it gave some wonderful opportunities for photography. As the sun rose, the light changed constantly giving me opportunities to try to get different kinds of shots to show these birds off to their best. They really are beautiful and, when the sun caught their plumage, it almost glowed. Some even still had frost on their feathers before the sun rose and temperatures gradually began to lift.

I took lots of shots, but here are a selection of my favourites…


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