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From my office window……

Fern & Flynn are still regular visitors and someone asked how close they are to the house…… tonight I took these shots from my office window. It is upstairs and overlooks the field that runs adjacent to my garden…..

This is the view from my office chair….. Fern is feeding and you can see her on the monitor on the left. The right hand monitor has my oak tree nestbox on it. You can just see the field out of the window.

These photos show the view out of my window…… look closely and you can see Fern! I have tried to get the window frame in, so you can guage the view I get. When she is visible on the camera, I cannot see her as she is close to the hedge. She often fills her mouth and then trots up the field…. or Flynn sits in the field and I can see him from my window.

Lucky me!


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