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Foxes at Badger Bank

During the week I returned to Badger Bank to collect the Bushnell cams that I had set up there. It is always really exciting bringing the SD cards back, put them into the laptop and see how many clips have been captured. I wasn’t disappointed…. the two Bushnells positioned near the sett had over 150 clips on them… so many, that I have not yet been able to process them all and get the footage onto YouTube! When you upload them, the file name tells you what time the clip occurred. I often scroll through to see if there are any daytime clips… especially on the Bushnell HD, as these clips are always brilliant quality. I could see there were a few…. I took a look. I was delighted, as I had some really nice clips of a dog fox sniffing around the sett entrance…..

Checking through the other Bushnell, set on a tree a few metres away, I had some more clips… of the same individual by the looks of things!

The audio on these clips is great… so lovely to hear the birds singing so beautifully in the background.

I also have some great badger clips and the little Tasco trail cam also captured the badgers walking in and out of the woodland. I will try to get these uploaded over the next few days.

I was surprised to find that these badgers were coming out of the sett at about 6pm and not returning until about 6am. I had presumed they would not be spending so much time out in the colder weather, but this sett seems very active. I am really looking forward to working with this sett this spring and summer and hopefully capturing some really quality clips, especially of the young cubs starting to emerge! 


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