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Fox update

It has been a bit quieter on the fox front the last few days. The farmer cut the grass in the field where their den is and I am not sure if that upset them a bit. I did not se any of them until about 9.30 last night, then two cubs appeared on the far side of the field. They sat there for a bit before Flynn joined them. Tiny Tess ran up to him, wagging her tail, head low and was obviously pleased to see him. They stayed over there for the evening , with Flynn and Fern coming to the feeding station, but the cubs didn’t come until much later. Bit too far to get any decent photos. I will try to get some more videos on over the weekend…. still struggling with Sony Vegas at the moment as I haven’t really had much time to get to grips with it.

I have tried putting food out nearer to the hedge, more in the open, where I can see the cubs and photograph  them if they come to feed, but as soon as I put it out, the corvids descend and eat the lot! I am thinking of designing some kid of jackdaw and magpie proof food dispenser arrangement!

This weekend, I think I am going to move the little camera that was on my blackbird nest and move it down to get some more close up images of the hedgehog visiting. It has come every night…. likes a regular supply of dog biscuits! I am also still thinking of taking the ‘pigeon camera’ down and putting that onto the field to create more opportunities for fox watching. We’ll see.

As I write now at 10.45pm, Tess has come to the feeding station and the hedgehog is there…. wondering whether I have more than one hedgehog… difficult ot identify individual hedgehogs other than if their size is different.

Update: Just as I was about to finish, Fern appeared and Tess was so pleased to see her! Tess then started suckling from Fern, as she munched dog biscuits! They fed for a bit, then they both heard something and stopped and stared into the camera. Then, amazingly, Fern picked Tess up by the scruff of her neck (just) and carried her off into the darkness! She certainly wouldn’t be able to do that with the larger ones.


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