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Fox Filming

My foxes have been filmed tonight by two final year students from Staffordshire University. They contacted me yesterday as they had seen my blog and desperately needed some more footage for their final project… a documentary about foxes! James and Emma came about 7pm and we were able to have a look at where I think the den is, show them the garden and all my camera set ups. We then set their camera up in our upstairs room and then stood and waited….. Luckily both foxes obliged and Fern appeared when it was still light, trotting straight across the field towards the camera! Flynn appeared later and they managed to get some good footage of him as well. Finally both appeared on the camera when it was dark. When they have edited the footage, they will let me have a copy. It was great to share my fox experience with two such enthusiastic young people. I can’t wait to see what they create from what they filmed here tonight.

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