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Fox Den update

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 21.07.03

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 21.38.33

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After finding a fox den last week, I have had it staked out with Bushnells, trying to capture some good clips before the cubs start venturing further afield. I collected them after just one night and a day and was delighted to have captured some super clips of four cubs which look to be around 6 weeks old. They are just starting to change colour from the dusky grey brown that they begin life as, to their familiar russet red coat. These cubs’ eyes are still blue as well, showing their young age.

As you can imagine, I have hundreds of clips, many not very good , of tails, half bodies, passing through or out of shot and it takes hours just to go through all the footage and pick out what is best and edit it a little…. all worth it when you capture a few clips like this though….

and this one in daylight…..

I returned with the Bushnells again and set three up, in different positions. Unfortunately, there is very little space and an awful lot of foliage which triggered the cameras quite a lot too. These cubs are becoming more mobile as well, so I got a lot of footage of them just moving through or heading off elsewhere. I must have over 300 clips…. with 90% of the not very good! It takes a while to go through and pull out the very best to show. These were two I was pleased with….

(Make sure you change the setting and watch these daylight ones in 1080p HD!)

I have built a page on my website and it will host the videos I capture in a playlist, so take a look to see the most recent clips. These cubs are already pretty mobile, so I don’t think they will be spending much time around the den, so I have been very lucky to capture them at this point I think! 

My fox Den website page is HERE


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