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Fox den hunting

With fresh snow falling overnight, I was up early hoping I would be able to follow the fox tracks and try to locate where their den is. The fact that Fern bought the cubs to the field when they were still quite young, suggests that the den is not far away, but I have been unable to find it

There is something rather surreal about being out after a fresh fall of snow… the light is strange and it is very quiet. It did look quite beautiful though!

I climbed over the fence, into the field, hoping to be able to follow some of the fox tracks. The field was criss-crossed with them!

I carried on, into the next field, where I followed them alongside a hedge. I was hoping to see the tracks go into this hedge as I expect the den is within it somewhere. I had no luck, however. There were fewer tracks here and they seemed to just run along the sides of the field. No clues, sadly.

Tonight, I have set the Bushnell up just above the feeding station again, this time to take photos. I can see it firing from my wired camera, so I am pretty sure I’ll get some good shots. The foxes are much less worried by it now and, in photo mode, the LEDs are on for a shorter period of time, so it does not seem to be so noticeable.

I will set the Bushnell up on trees along the hedge soon, hopefully to see where they are emerging.


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