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Fox cubs on the way!

For the last 4 years or so, I have regularly put a small amount of dried dog food out in the field next to my house, to watch the foxes who are regular visitors.  Over the years, I have been treated to some very special moments with these creatures. They are wild, rural foxes and they are by no means tame , nor will they tolerate my presence . I watch them via a remote wired camera, or from an upstairs bedroom window. I do not want them to trust humans at all, as this will probably be their demise!

Last year, one vixen had 4 cubs and bought them to the feeding station. I have been looking out for any signs that we might have more cubs on the way. Over the last week, I have seen a lactating vixen (or possibly 2) visiting….

and one vixen who is heavily pregnant.

The vixens usually bring the cubs to this feeding station when they are about 8 weeks old, depending on how close their den is. I am going to go out on a bit of an exploratory trek tomorrow to check out some old den sites and to set some trail cams to see if I can find this year’s den sites.


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