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Fox Cubs!!!!!!

My daughter came rushing upstairs on her return home last night to say her and her boyfriend had just seen two tiny cubs in the lane… in fact, they had nearly run them over! By her description, I knew they were young and just venturing out. This meant their den or ‘earth’ was not far away. I have been searching for my vixens’ dens for ages so I was very excited.

This afternoon, I went for a look….. and to my amazement, as I gazed through some foliage near to where my daughter had seen them, a small movement caught my eye! Only about 3m away, deep in the foliage was a tiny fox cub, still dusky brown! I froze, my heart heating wildly in my chest, as our eyes met for a few seconds. Then, it was gone. I had found my den!

Running back home, I grabbed the Bushnell NatureViews and returned to the site. It is not an easy site, quite dense undergrowth and difficult to access, but dangerously close to the road. I hope these cubs don’t get killed early on.

I set two Bushnells up in what I hope are the areas that they come out into. I just hope I can get some nice day and night time clips of these new babies!

This 1st image show the Bushnell set up on the track they seem to take out to the road


This second shot shows the bare earth by the den entrance, close to where I saw the cub. There was an old, chewed gardening glove there!!



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