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Fox cub video!

Today, I received my copy of Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD, a piece of software that will allow me to begin to edit my videos with a bit more control and, hopefully, to create some more professional looking outputs!

I have had absolutely no experience in video filming or editing, but this piece of software came recommended by Paul Bunyard of ‘Wild about images’. Visit his website for inspiration I uploaded the software and was rather daunted by the vast array of unfamiliar tools and settings! After a quick phone call to Paul, I have managed a very basic upload of one of my fox cubs…. everyone has to start somewhere and I hope that over the coming months, I will begin to learn how to create  something a bit closer to Paul’s (need to get the video spot on in the first place though!!)

Anyway, here is the footage I took of the fox cub yesterday…. I think it is Bill, the largest of the three cubs.


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