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Fox Cub in a Hedgehog Feeding Box!

Sadly, I have had hardly any visits to ‘Prickly Diner’, my hedgehog feeding station, this year. A few visits earlier in the season gave me some lovely views with a new set up with an HD Vivotek camera and internal lighting…

I still check the camera and, other than some wood mice and a few rats, we have not had many visitors at all. This clip of a wood mouse attempting to cover all the food was pretty interesting though!

Yesterday morning, when checking my cameras in the morning, I noticed that a lot of the food had gone. When I clicked Playback to see what had eaten it, I was definitely not expecting what I saw! There, in the middle of the frame was a fox cub’s head!! Yes! This cub had somehow squeezed through the ‘corridor’ that is only about 15cm square and got her face in to reach the food. These cubs must be about 4 month old now and there has always been a much smaller one… a vixen I presume.

Fox cub hedgehog Box 5_00000

At one point, she even managed to get right inside and turn around!

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 17.07.35

I made a compilation of the clips of her feeding for a bit then struggling to get out… only to come in from the other side to try again!

Not surprisingly, she was back last night for another go…. it won’t be long before she is just too big. This has set my mind whizzing though…. maybe I now create a bigger box…. a lit fox feeding station… watch this space!


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