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Fox cam offline

For the time being, I am very sorry to have to say that my fox cam is offline for the moment. I will be working on a solution over the next few weeks to continue to bring you footage of this amazing family that I have been working with for over a year. I have gradually built up their trust and this led to the fantastic night-time footage we have all been enjoying and the amazing photos and video I was lucky enough to capture last year with Fern’s cubs.

Very sadly, my neighbours expressed a concern about me encouraging the foxes and for this reason I can no longer feed them where I had been. This land is not mine…. I wish it was… and I have to respect their wishes.

As you can imagine, I very upset and have thought of nothing else since she told me. Many tears were shed yesterday. The camera lies idle in my porch until I think of another location that I can continue to film the family. I have been so looking forward to the coming months, the photographic and filming opportunities as the evening lighten and to, once again, be in the privileged position of watching the life of a wild animal.

This family will continue to live here, of course and hopefully a new camera position will once again resume the evening and night-time viewing that has become to be so much part of my life… I had not quite realised how much until I could not watch them last night.

Until then, a picture of beautiful Fern…..


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