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Flynn Photos

Fern appeared very early tonight…. about 7.30pm and I had not yet put any food out. By the time I went and put some out, she was gone! As it was quite a bright evening, I set my camera up, hoping they would appear before the light faded too much. Fern did not reappear until about 8.30pm, but Flynn sat in the field for quite a while. Unfortunately, he was quite far away and my lens was at its full stretch on ISO 500 to get a decent shutter speed. Here are a few shots (some quite heavily cropped so a bit grainy).

Yesterday, when James, the student from Staffordshire uni was filming, he noticed that Flynn had what looked like a scar on his left eye and his eye looked slightly whitened. This was apparent in dalylight, but difficult to see on the IR camera shots.  Tonight, I zoomed in on some of the shots I had taken and it certainly looks like he has had some kind of injury. There is, what looks like, a jagged shaped scar and his eye, at some angles, appears white. I am unsure as to whether he is actually blind in that eye. You can just see it on these shots.


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