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First Kestrel Visitor!! YIPPEEE!

I am just a little excited tonight….. I have been monitoring kestrel box 2 all day on i-catcher. Late afternoon, I switched the camera over, so I could capture some footage of the birds visiting my hedgecam in the evening sunshine so my quad box, with the kestrel box, was on the live stream. One of my Twitter followers, Paula, then tweeted to say she could see a kestrel on my kestrel box! Looking at the live stream, I could see a male kestrel, right on the edge of the picture, on the branch perch. In a panic, I switched the camera back onto icatcher, so I could capture the pictures… this involves grovelling under my desk and finding the appropriate wires (there are quite a few) and switching them over. I just managed it in time, before the kestrel flew off… you can just see him far left…

I think it is the male who is roosting in the barn… it was half past five and just starting to get dark, so he would have been returning to roost. If he has visited once, though, may be he will come back and have a closer look…. and then bring a female to check it out???? I so hope so!

I also had another visitor today… a wren!

… and a nuthatch…

Keep your fingers crossed that this kestrel returns!


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