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First good photos of Flynn

Although Fern visits the feeding station every night, Flynn tends to come after dusk, so I do not see him quite as much. Last night, however, it was a bright evening, with sunny intervals and Fern appeared quite early. I had my 500mm lens mounted on my camera, so I leant out of the bedroom window and took a couple of shots. She quickly made her way up to the feeding station, but I can’t see that from the bedroom window… I have to watch it on the PC, from the camera set up in the field. I then noticed Flynn. He is more sensitive to movement and is much more easily spooked. However, he started his way across the field and I was able to snap some half decent shots. He came quite close, before making his way up to the food. I was quite pleased when I downloaded them as the sun had gone in and the light had dropped. Many of the shots were taken at ISO 500, but with a shutter speed of less than 1/100 sec. I am impressed with this new lens. The image stabilisation really makes a difference as this is a big lens and all these shots were taken hand held… certainly the best I have of him so far. He is definitely not as pretty as Fern… in fact, pretty tatty looking,  with his strange eyes… although I zoomed in n the left eye in one of the photos. I do not think he is blind in it, but both of his eyes are certainly strange. It looks like he is either slightly bald around his eye of he has scars.

Here is my favourite shot of Fern …

and Flynn….


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