Finland 2019 – The Birds

You may have thought that my Finland trip was mainly about the bears. Of course, they were a huge, and very special, part of the trip. There was plenty of other wildlife to see and the birds really blew me away, mainly because they were so confiding. Possibly a combination of the remote location and the fact that they were hungry, meant that we were able to have some really special encounters.

The main species were the Willow tit and the Crested tit; two species that I have very rarely seen. It was amazing to see so many of these in the woods surrounding the lodge, but to have them come close, was so incredible. We had some truly wonderful moments with these tiny birds and they are encounters that will stay with me always.

With no apparent fear of humans, they would happily come to our hands to be fed. A flurry of wings and the tiniest touch on your fingertips, I could have spent all day doing this… in fact, we spent several mornings with this confiding wildlife.

With no apparent fear of humans