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Finally, Spring is Springing in My Patch…

Spring seems a long time coming….. we keep getting tantalising glimpses when the sun comes out and we can feel that is it just around the corner…. then the freezing rain and snow returns. The activity in my nest boxes convinces me that we will soon be welcoming Spring properly… the birds have been busy.

I have 3  high resolution HD IP cameras in nest boxes this year and there is activity in all three. I was hoping for blue and blue tits, but all three boxes have blue tits prospecting. In the Greenhouse box, the blue tits have been pretty busy, leading the race to build a nest, with moss in already. The colour, light and angle of the camera is working well in this box and I have high hopes for it.

This nest box is up by my Hub. This is an older nest box that I adapted to try to house the new camera. The blue tits nest in this position every year, so I was not surprised when they started prospecting. This box is giving a slightly different view, but I think it will be super when they start building!

An update on the kestrels…. sadly they have not been seen for over a week. I took the chance to get up and adjust the rather hastily installed camera. I improved the camera angle and got the lights working, which means the internal image is improved. The jackdaws seem to have won the battle for this box. I still have not given up hope on the kestrels… I would love them to visit this new, improved box… I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed!

The Bird snack bar got a bit of an Spring and Easter makeover and it has been as busy as ever in there!

Even my mammal box signs of Spring, as some Blackthorn blossom made its way in there this week!

With temperatures gradually rising, I really hope we can finally say goodbye to winter and welcome a proper Spring into the garden….. as soon as possible please!!!!


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