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Fieldfare, Song Thrush & Tawny Interactions!

With so much regular footage from Yew View, it is always great to capture things that are just a little different. This week, I am delighted that the tawnies seem to be back near the box. Last year we very nearly had a pair nest in our box and captured some amazing footage. We are obviously hoping that this year, they decide to use it! I have changed the box slightly, lining it with soft, old rotten wood to replicate the interior of an old tree, on the advice of Dave Culley.

Although they have not been in the box, we have had them showing interest from the outside with some nice bonding interactions between the two as well.

Let’s hope they continue to show an interest and enter the box again soon.

I have also been keen to capture footage of the rather shy Fieldfares. This week, I managed a Bushnell clip and one at the apples I put down by one of the badger sett entrances.

Also captured a rather beautiful song thrush there as well….

I was pleased with the Bushnell as well! (Make sure you watch these in HD!)

The badgers were rather interested in the camera this week… let’s hope they are as interested in the new sett when it is open for occupancy next week!

As always, our kingfishers have been performing and I was able to note that there are at least two females visiting as well as the male… (Select HD for the full effect!)


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