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Fern and cubs

Last night, Fern bought both cubs to the field. In fact, I have not seen three cubs since that first night on the night camera. She sat on the other side of the field for a little while with them suckling. Fern then moved closer and the cubs followed. Little Tess is quite nervous and always sits right on the edge, rarely coming out into the open. The other cub, which I think is the medium sized one, Marvin, is a lot bolder and came right out into the field, quite close to where I was filming. I did some videoing,… quite successful when they stay in one place, but more difficult when they start moving.  I did try to film a bit when the cub came close, but as you can see on the video below, it is really difficult to track the cub and manually focus all whilst the camera and big lens are on a beanbag!

Great to see them though. The cubs look really fit and healthy.


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