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Feeling ‘Peckish’? – I begin trials with ‘Peckish’ feeds & feeder

I was lucky enough yesterday, to receive a fantastic box of goodies through the post…. a new bird feeder and three different bird feed mixes. These are from a company caller ‘Peckish’ who sell a lot of their goods through garden centres.  Their website had caught my eye, so I had got in contact with them. Have a look yourself:

There will be more details on my website very soon (just look for the ‘Peckish’ Logo at the bottom of the homepage). I received three seed mixes: robin, finch and young bird and a seed feeder which I am going to put up tomorrow.

I had also spotted a useful feeder in the garden centre ‘bargain bin’… perfect for trialling feeds!… three dished sunken into a platform.

I set the hedgecam camera up next to it ….

and it was just a matter of seconds before the birds were there, tasting the samples!

 I have to move the camera around in the afternoon or the sun shines directly into it… I need to make a little shade for it! But, by the end of the day, the robin mix seemed most popular, followed by the young bird mix, with a lot of finch mix still there (although I do not get many finches on this feeder). I will run it again tomorrow and fill the feeder they have sent me, with the finch mix and see what interest I get on it.

For more details about what is in each mix and more about the new feeder, take a look at my website in the next few days.

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