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Feeding Record

My blue tit is sitting tight, incubating her eggs and as I watched the footage today, I thought I would make a note of the times the male came into feed her, so I could see how often it happened.

This record is from 10.39am, when I put the camera on.

10.39am,  10.42am,  11.16am,  11.18am,  11.22am,  11.25am,  11.50am,  12.14pm,  12.49pm,  12.50pm,  12.51pm,  1.21pm,  3.00pm, 4.22pm, 4.23pm,  5.14pm,  5.15pm,  5.18pm

Also I had a look at how often the female left the nest (only ever for a couple of minutes)

10.31am,  11.10am,  11.44am,  12.38pm,  1.31pm,  3.00pm,  3.23pm,  4.55pm,  5.32pm,  6.26pm


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