Exciting Yew View Otter Update!

We have been getting some great Bushnell footage from the otter holt at Yew View. After the last flood that meant we lost two trail cams and the holt disappeared, I was not sure that the otters would return. As soon as the levels dropped right down again, I set the trail cam to see if they had returned.

This week, once I got to the site, I collected the SD card straight away and realised that the otters had, indeed, returned! I would imagine that they have several holts around the area and may be they move around depending on the river conditions. We don’t know where the chamber is on this artificial holt, but the tunnel does appear to rise so maybe the chamber remains relatively dry during these raised river level periods.

The Bushnell footage showed the female and 2 cubs in and out fairly regularly..

This clip shows seem nesting material being, rather unsuccessfully, brought to the holt ..

… and something else… not quite sure what this is she is bringing in…