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Exciting new Garden Developments

I am lucky enough to have a good-sized garden. It is narrow, but long, bordered by fields on one side and a steep drop to the lane on the other. The house is in the middle, so I have two separate gardens; a patio end from my conservatory and then a longer area with my Hub, pond, wild flower area and raised beds.

The garden looks pretty bare at the moment, but within a month or so, it will transform. These images were taken in early March…..

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This panorama from the top of my Hub’s Living Roof, make the garden look enormous, but it is actually pretty narrow…


At the Patio end, I have a small paved area, where I have bee hotels and feeders as well as as much nectar rich planting as I can cram in! This space is a sun-trap and, in the summer, is a lovely peaceful place to sit and watch the wildlife. Two thirds of this space has been fenced off for two pygmy goats, which I kept as pets. When one died last year, at the grand age of 12 years old, the remaining goat moved to a local school farm as she was lonely without her brother. This meant I suddenly had a large , rather neglected, area of the garden to develop.

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Last April, we spent several weekends clearing the area, with the idea of developing it over the summer….. but a year passed before I finally got myself in a position, this Spring to start work.

This image was taken over the weekend, showing the existing patio, screened by a fence to the area I am redeveloping …


This video, taken on my phone, shows the area, as it is now, before development…..

With some images of the area as well….

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This week, I am having the ‘professionals’ in to fence the area and to create a raised bed with sleepers to hold back the steep bank. I had other plans for a pond to be dug and a raised seating area, but costs have limited it to the basics at the moment. I am holding off making too many more plans until I can see the space I am working with once all the new fencing has gone in. I will be giving regular updates  that will be grouped under ‘Patio Redevelopments’ category in my blog… so watch this space… you should see a massive transformation over the next year… it’s all very exciting!!


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