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Exciting new feeders hit British shores in the WildlifeKate Patch!

I was excited to be contacted a month or so ago by a company who were now selling a range of exciting new bird feeders from the States. The feeders are from the ‘PerkyPet’ , NoNo’ and ‘BirdScapes’ ranges and many deal with feeding large quantities of food, such as I (and many of my followers) do. I have just received all the feeders and have been analysing and photographing them before I have started getting them out in the garden to test.  I am pretty impressed with what I have seen so far and these should appear in my shop in the next month or so. I will be working with the company on a website, providing reviews, photographs and videos of the feeders in use here in the UK. All their images show American birds at the moment. As much as I would love a Cardinal on my feeders, I feel it is pretty unlikely!

Here is a sneak preview of some of the feeders you will be seeing me using here in my patch over the next few months. Some will appearing on my live cameras and all will be reviewed in my ‘Use & Review’ website.

‘ No No’ Collapsible Single Tier Feeder


The ‘No No’ Range is feeders made entirely from metal; NO plastic & NO wood and I am very impressed by these feeders and quite excited by their potential. This feeder is made from a chain-mail type mesh that collapses completely, meaning the feeder can be stored flat when not in use. The mesh, combined with a tray means that lots of birds can be feeding at once… a problem with feeders with ports when you have a lot of visitors. This feeder is available as a single teir, like this one , a double, triple and 5 section feeder! I have set it up with a mix of sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts and early trials are looking VERY promising!!!


Bronze ‘Squirrel-Be-Gone’ Feeder


This attractive feeder has 6 ports which are protected by an adjustable,  weighted perch. When a squirrel or large bird lands, the outer, decorated frame, drops down and a bronze leaf covers the port! Quite a clever design and I look forward to seeing how this attractive feeder copes in the garden.

Bronze ‘Squirrel -Be_gone’ Triple Feeder

This is a larger version of the last feeder and it has 3 separate  feeder tubes, meaning you can dispense three different seed types. Again. the weighted and adjustable perches mean the leaves drop over the ports, closing them, if a large bird or squirrel lands on the perch.

Triple Tube Feeder


This epic feeder is HUGE and has three separate seed tubes and 9 feeding ports.  The feeder ports rotate so you can dispense seed or niger and the ample tray at the bottom should prevent too much seed wastage. This monster feeder should keep even the busiest gardens satisfied and I can’t wait to get it out in the WildlifeKate patch!

Squirrel-Be-Gone Home Style Feeder


This is another large feeder and different to anything I have tried before in the garden… it will be interesting to see how long it takes the birds to discover it! The perch at the front is weighted and adjustable so you can prevent larger birds or squirrels from feeding.  It comes with a pole mounter and I fitted a bracket to the fence and mounted this feeder. It will be heavy when full! This feeder is on my live cameras at the moment, so we will see how my feathered friends react to it.

Deluxe Seed Silo

This feeder is a more traditional type, but with sturdy metal ports and plastic covers on the perches. It has 4 feeding ports.

Copper Garden Feeder


This attractive feeder has 6 ports and is made out of a sturdy plastic, with an attractive decorative outer that doubles up as perches. I have put sunflower seeds in this and I am sure it will perform well here in the garden. This one is visible at my Hub Feeding station on my live camera there.

I will be writing detailed reviews on each of these feeders and those that I like and that perform well will be available to buy in my shop…. so watch this space!!


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